About Steve White Public Relations

Steve White has been involved in media and marketing for going on 25 years, logging service time with both major corporations and leading advertising agencies. He’s been on both sides of the editorial playing field, serving as an editor of a leading trade publication and a frequent writer for major newspapers, to working with newspaper and magazine editors in placing his client’s articles in close to 100 publications. Editors return his calls and emails. 

And in a world where the written word has become diluted by emails, text messaging and twittering, Steve knows his way around a well-constructed sentence and paragraph, creating communications – articles, press releases, e-bulletins, ad copywriting, printed newsletters—that grab an editor’s attention.

But it doesn’t end there.  Media campaigns, advertising, event planning, websites, it’s all part of Steve White’s multi-faceted resume and a long track record that can help amp-up both your company’s image and bottom line.

   Steve White Public Relations    
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   Phone: 781-254-6204